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These sturdy little people are handcrafted from recycled materials. Each doll is painstakingly created as a un… [more]

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Handmade and Poured Geo design Pillar candle
Set of 3!

Other unique styles or any occasions! 100% all natural soy

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On Beans

My oldest daughter refuses to eat beans. As a matter of fact, she can pick through a bowl of chili eating everything but the beans with incredible accuracy and persistence. Ask her to clean her room and it “takes too long, Mom”, but she will sit for hours picking the beans from any dish without blinking an eye.

The rest of us, on the other hand, adore the musical fruit. Entire meals can, and often are, be based around beans — of one variety or many, we’re not picky. Black, dark and light red kidney, great northern, navy, white, and yes, even lima. Soups, stews, salads, pasta dishes; the options are endless.

And why not? They’re not only essentially a super food — packed with protein, fiber and nutrients galore — they’re easily grown and even easier to store. Whether canned, frozen or dried beans keep well for months and lend themselves equally as nicely to both hearty winter and light, yet filling summer fare making them prime candidates as a year-round local eating staple.

My favorite for meals is the black bean (chick peas, for obvious reasons — hummus! — win out for snacks.) Tossed with onion, sundried tomatoes, roasted corn, a generous handful of fresh chopped cilantro, a pinch of ground pepper and the juice of a freshly squeezed lime — or three, we love limes — they’re always a hit. Served warm next to fish tacos or cold as a mid-summer lunch all their own after a night spent marinating in the fridge, it’s versatile to boot.

What are your favorites? What beans must I try this year and in what inventive ways should I prepare them? Share with me your tips, tricks and recipes — my oldest daughter will not appreciate your kindness, but the rest of us sure will, and who knows her taste buds just might come around someday.

Gift Guide – For the Collector

Image above is from: Miles of Light

Are you a collector? I think most of us are, and I know I am. When I really think about it, I’ve been a collector for quite some time – and some collections started unintentionally. My collections have included: lip gloss, shoes, clothes, and even movie tickets from favourite date nights, as well as gadgets, books, cd’s and on and on. I think a big part of our culture – for good or for bad, revolves around collecting. These days – I’m happy the internet exists, because I can collect and curate without actually purchasing anything. Having said that – I do currently collect art from independent artists – and while I’ve slowed down, I have a tough time keeping up and getting everything framed.

For the camera collector – this beautiful collection is from: Kitty Rogers.

I can’t think of a person in my life who doesn’t collect things – my husband, who purchases little, can’t help but collect books. My father is the same way, not a big shopper by any means, but he collects tools.

For the nature lover, a gorgeous collection from A Place for Twiggs:

Botanical Collection Photo

Everyone has a different attitude about their collections too I find – for some each item is a keepsake of sorts, and they would never dream of parting with even one piece. I know I’m that way about the art I collect – even if it’s not hanging on the wall, it’s still special to me. My husband – he doesn’t keep most of his books, once he’s read them – he’ll usually sell them or gives them away.

For those who feel the seaside is their second home, a photo from Quercus Design:
Urchins collection photo

As I get older, my desire to collect has certainly waned – and it becomes more important to me to collect memories and to create, though I still love seeing other people’s collections.

If there’s a collector in your life who can’t fit another thing in their home or their collection – they might enjoy this genre of art I’ve noticed popping up here and there, photos based on collections… Almost as good as the real thing I figure, and it’ll result in less clutter in your home for sure!

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Barcelona, Spain

Whenever I’m in need of a little design inspiration, a sure place to look is the great continent. I hopped over to Barcelona, Spain to see what the ladies of the Iberian Peninsula had cooking!

dolo grandfather clock stuffed doll

Misako Mimoko creates little stuffies – dolls, brooches, and necklaces – with lots of personality and a nod to the past. I followed a link in her shop announcement to find this little embroidery pattern, inspired by one of her dolls, that you can download and use to embellish a tea towel or pillow.

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