Inspire your children


If you’re searching for an alternative to traditional “children’s room art” look no further.

About the artists: 3CD KidStuff is a collaborative effort of the folks at 3CD.

Tony, Mitch, Nikki, Dan, Omar, Mo, and Lauren have been “speaking to kids” through our graphic design work (mostly schoolbooks) since 1989. We thought it might be fun to brighten up kid’s walls with cute and fun prints (and we were itching to flex our creative muscles, too!). We hope you find something you and your kid can enjoy together.

We really appreciate your interest, ’cause it allows us to have fun and escape our day jobs (if only for a short time)…

You see, 3CD is a Chicago-based graphic design firm which has created a heck of a lot of educational work (that means schoolbooks). So who knows, you may have seen some of our handiwork in a classroom near you already!

We decided to offer KidStuff ’cause we like designing for kids and for the most part, we just never grew up!

Aren’t they great? $25 each, 3 for $65, or 4 for $85 from 3CD KidStuff.

You know you're a cute little heartbreaker

Foks is a unique and original Celapiu design. It is a handcrafted fox-shaped scarf, a witty accessory and pro-eco manifesto at the same time. Fokses come in two different lengths: the short one has a flat, ‘run over by a roller’ look, and a special clip, that helps to adjust it around your neck. The long one has a 3-D stuffed head and paws, is almost 2-meter-long and can be worn in many different ways including a thick, rich scarf and a wrap-around warmer.

title: Jimi Hendrix, Foxy Lady.

Andy Peutherer


Andy Peutherer: I am a Scottish artist and Photographer. My landscape work featured here is based on the spectacular scenery of The Scottish western Isles, Scottish highlands and the Hebriden Islands such as The Isle of Skye, the Uists, Lewis and Harris. I have a great passion for the landscape and natural history of Scotland which has led me to attempt to capture the almost surreal elements of the Scottish landscape, weather and wildlife. My paintings are created with mixed media such as spray paint, acrylic, emulsion and ink which are used together with self taught techniques to illustrate the wild, unpredictable and spectacular nature of the land and sky. I strive to create images which have a more original style than traditional water colours and oils.

Beau Hawn


Beau Hawn: I have been working with glass for 11 years fulltime , I love glasswork so much , I have had so many wonderful experiences as a glass artist, making beads is very fun , I have also made Large Furnace Blown vessels and sculptures while I lived in Corning , NY {the crystal city} I worked at the Corning Museum of Glass and took many great classes there. I was always interested in glass and just decided to pursue the artform when I was 23.