Happy Birthday, you spoiled rotten brat.

I was recently visiting a friend of mine who is the mother-in-law to a very famous person. I’m not going to say who because they might write me out of the will, (not that I was in the will to begin with). photo by sofawned

Suffice it to say that this person is very very famous and his children are very very privileged. I was talking to my friend in her living room and I noticed the most darling little paper diorama of an undersea scape, complete with mermaid, housed in a glass dome. I was complimenting my friend on what a charming keepsake it was and she told me that it was her granddaughters birthday party invitation.

Now I’ve heard plenty of fantastical stories about the life this family leads. Personal jets for vacations. Dinner with the President. Shopping in Paris for the weekend. It never ends and I never tire of hearing about it. But this really took the cake. I stood there, first wondering just how much each “invitation” must have cost, and then wondering what in the world do you give a child that literally has everything?

What could you possibly show up with at a birthday party where the invitation was a small work of art, that wouldn’t look cheap and cliche’?

The answer is decidedly to go handmade.

The first thing that came to my mind was a tutu. I mean really. The kid is already essentially royalty, why not look the part?

Leslie is a mother to two little girls who creates the most fanciful tutus from her studio in Dover Ohio. You can buy her creations from her shop.

The truth of the matter is I have no idea just how spoiled these children really are. My friend is their grandmother so of course she thinks they are the most amazing kids ever. They stay at her house when their parents are jet setting around the globe and I have a sneaking suspicion that they get a healthy dose of real life when they are there. Then again you know how indulgent grandmothers tend to be.

Here’s another idea for that kid you know that has everything, but manners.

John Golden is a digital artist out of Wilmington, North Carolina. He has been making and selling his art since he was eleven years old. He has a large selection of prints on in his shop. He has a retro aesthetic that comes through in all his pieces.

The last thing that I thought might be fun for the privileged child to receive is some play food similar to the food they eat on daily basis. No hot dogs and french fries here my friends. These kids are growing up on salmon sashimi and spicy tuna rolls.

I found these little knitted sushi pieces at CurlyQOnline. I think they are so cute and any rich kid would be happy to have them in their play kitchen, which is probably nicer than my actual kitchen and which most assuredly has fancier food.

We didn’t receive our own invite to my friend’s granddaughter’s party. I wasn’t disappointed at all about not having to stress over the gift, I was, however, a little miffed not to get the invite itself.

I really just wanted my own diorama with a mermaid.


I found another great shop in the Gallery!


Delightworthyn: I am enamored with vintage,all vintage , any vintage.I strive to deliver the attention to detail that seems to have gone by the wayside these days.Often my fabrics are recycled from vintage garments and with only a few exceptions natural fibers(remember those).


Everything you see here was designed and executed by me personally and as such is unique although I am happy to work with you on customization.I work in an organic way like the painter/artist that I am.My pieces are wearable art with emphasis on the wearable part.


Friendship Bracelets from Camp Smartypants

Summer days have faded and we’re heading into the holidays. What better time though, to reaffirm a special friendship and say, “You’re a pal for all seasons!” Friendship bracelets from Camp Smartypants keep those friendship campfires burning.


I love these cards and bracelets almost as much now, as I did when I was a kid. It’s the perfect thing for a tween to drop in the mail to tell a friend they are thinking of them, whether they live next door or their parents job has transferred them to the other side of the globe.


The card that these come with are what makes them extra special and perfect for holiday season gifting. Why wait for the summer months to make your friends feel special?

Interview with Anna Winter of Frigg Studio

You’ve already seen Anna’s work, and now you can peek behind the scenes of Frigg Studio.


What is your craft / art / creative endeavor?

Natural materials, simplicity and practical (multi)usage of what I make. Not that I hate things that just exist but I feel that we are to much attached to things that serve only once and only to one, particular purpose. And once used they finish in garbage. I want my creations be usable for “this” and “that” and by “big” and “small”. And they are washable !!!


How did you get started? Have you worked in other creative areas before the kind of work you’re doing now?

I started with jewellery that is still my main craft activity. I also knit a lot – basically for kids. Than the idea of filling home with some colours and simple, funny things came. This is how I started Frigg Studio. I am really at the very beginning of the whole Frigg universe creation. My head is exploding with ideas but I am a little bit missing time to have everything done.


Do you work alone? With a team? Do you engage your family or friends in the work? What is your process? How do you ensure you get your work done yet still have a life?

I work alone and only alone. I ask my husband’s opinion when I finish.

Crafting is really fun for me. I create when I feel like. Nothing can be forced – it does not work for me. I put on sale almost items that are finished. That is why my shop is not that full …. But I prefer having fun creating something than working on order.


Where do you sell your work? Which venues are your favorites? Do you prefer selling online or in person? Do you attend shows or fairs? Is your work in a gallery or brick-and-mortar store?

Since I have only started with Frigg Studio Etsy is the major web located store http://www.frigg.etsy.com. Recently I opened Frigg Studio also on DaWanda.

I have also some clients among my family friends – they especially love the aprons :-)

Thank you Anna! And if you would like to appear in this space next, just head over to DIY Interview.

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So no excuses now. Get yourself a ring sizer and start purchasing some sweet sweet bling.