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We’re completely enamored of handmade products and want to share this love with you. We understand that it can initially seem intimidating making a purchase from an individual instead of a faceless yet ‘reliable’ corporation, and we’re here to help you find items which will help change your mind using nothing but the sheer power of their incredibleness. Erika Jurney

support handmadeWe find it wonderful and awe-inspiring that there really are people out there making so many things which we can choose instead of mass-produced dreck. Whether you buy handmade new items, or upcycled / recycled / repurposed, you’re doing the planet a favor, and you are helping to support an artisan. What could be better than that? New factories will get built with or without our help, but being able to encourage and support artists, artisans, crafters, and hobbyists is a dream come true.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. “Can you help me find a handmade version of ______…?” Sure! Head over to Best of Handmade and you can search over 100 million handmade products.
  2. “Where can I buy the items you write about?” In each post there are links right to the seller’s online store – click on them and make your purchases :)
  3. “May I republish one of your articles?” A short snippet from one, sure, but not the entire article. » details


  1. “Can you feature my work?” Submit it and we’ll see!
  2. “Can I purchase a review or ‘featured sponsor’ post on your site?” Nope.
  3. “Can I send you something free as a thank you or for review?” Thanks for thinking of us, but in order to remain impartial, we don’t take freebies. Details.

Nice things people have said about this site

“Try Handmade is single-handedly responsible for making me poor. I don’t blame the recession, I blame you Erika! (slinks off to sell children in order to support etsy addiction)” – Procrastamom.

“Lovely site http://tryhandmade.com/” @gwenbell
“RT @gwenbell: Lovely site http://tryhandmade.com/” @CraftyChica, Kathy Cano-Murillo

“Erika over at tryhandmade.com is doing some very important work. She is helping all of us push the handmade resurgence from a micro-trend to a macro social movement. We applaud her work and think her blog is just lovely.” – Artfire.

TryHandmade is “designed in a way that’s super friendly to browsing the handmade items and searching for what you’re looking for.” – ThreadBanger.

“I truly believe it is your life’s goal to make me spend my childrens’ college tuition on hand made goods.” – MammaLoves.

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  • Aisles and aisles of tiny boxes
  • Felt Play Food from One & Only
  • Fiber Jewelry by Susan Sanders
  • A pincushion for every day
  • Crescent Maille