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Kisha the designer behind Amy Echo [previously featured here] has been sewing for the last 25 years. Working hard to perfect her craft, she’s read copious amounts of sewing books, endured super cheesy sewing shows on tv and learned through trial and error. The benefits of her hard work are evident in her line of clothing.

Kisha gives great credit to her family for helping her get her start selling her handmade clothing. Her mother, was as Kisha says “hoodwinked” into being the photographer. She had never taken professional pictures before being persuaded by her loving daughter to be the woman behind the camera. Her lovely sister was roped into being her model, bringing her clothing to life. And even the dog is credited for sitting through hours of photo shoots modeling in picture after picture and without complaint.

I got my start in handmade when I was five years old. I wanted more doll clothes and I already had a lot of clothing to choose from. My mother, being the creative person that she is, gave me some old clothes and taught me how to thread a needle, create a running stitch, and how to use scissors while cutting fabric. At first the doll clothes would only last through one play session, but after a few attempts, they started be become more creative than what one could find in a store. I just stuck with sewing because I really loved doing it and over the years I started sewing my own clothing.

My favorite item in my shop is the Muffin Top Hat because my sister, who is the model, looks so pretty in that hat. She makes it look so stunning. I of course have a Muffin Top Hat and I wear it everywhere and whenever I can!

Kisha begins by drawing her designs out on butcher paper, then sews up a prototype and tweaks it until it’s ready. As more and more people started asking where she purchased the clothing she had created, Kisha started taking custom orders and eventually started her own shop in January. Her designs are simple and versatile, making it easy to dress them up or down with accessories. And each item is not only flattering, but well made to last for a long time. So check out her shop and help her keep her momentum rolling.

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