Body Yogurt

Body yogurt sounds a lot like body butter to me. It is a food name, used to describe a spa product. Both come in jars, and are applied to skin. And shea butter is one of the ingredients.

body yogurt

The body yogurt from Mea Culpa Body And Bath has a surprisingly different texture than body butter, or moisturizer. It feels soft and looks fluffy, but has a slightly gritty texture. Then it absorbs right into the skin. I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it at first. But it moisturizes without irritating. So what’s not to like?

I ordered the set of three body yogurts, my favorite way to order from a seller whose products I have not previously tried. I chose the scents Neroli, Eucalyptus, and Coconut. For whatever reason the Neroli is yellow in color. But the Eucalyptus and Coconut are both white.

body yogurt neroli

I found the Neroli smell to be overpowering. And my husband asked about the stink (definitely not a compliment). In its defense, it does smell like Neroli – just a bit too much Neroli for my family. My five year old put it all over herself. And nobody wanted to sit by her.

The Coconut and Eucalyptus body yogurts smell fresh and inviting. But to be fair, all three have the same texture. And a very large number of scents are available. I just happened to think those three sounded best at the time I ordered.

I purchased the Neroli thinking that it would blend subtly and well with perfume. However, it is more of its own perfume. Which is not bad if you are looking for a strong scent, or like to layer scents.

I like the two ounce size jars a lot. They fit perfectly in my purse. And I have the opportunity to try three scents without making a big commitment.

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