Bridal Party

My best friend from high school got engaged this week and I couldn’t be more happy for her and her new fiance. She’ll be the first in my group of friends to tie the knot, making her wedding a momentous occasion for all of us. Despite the busyness and excitement around the engagement, I got a chance to speak with her over the weekend about the proposal, her engagement ring, and, of course, her ideas for the wedding.

My friend has loved the color baby blue ever since I’ve known her (we met in the 1st grade); therefore, it didn’t surprise me that she wanted to have it as one of her wedding colors. When I came across this beautiful baby blue dress by Ananya, I couldn’t help but think of my friend’s wedding. Besides being the perfect shade of blue, I love the elegant simplicity of this dress. The architectural collar adds just the right amount of elegance to this otherwise simple, but timeless piece. And just in case my friend changes her mind, there are plenty of other fabric colors to choose, everything from hot pink to black.

My friend wants to make sure that every girl in the bridal party feels completely comfortable in her dress, no matter what their body type. The Coda wrap dress by nataJane is the perfect solution. It can be worn a dozen different ways, from strapless to sleeveless to kimono style, and will look great on everyone in the bridal party. Oh, and it comes in baby blue as well as 44 other amazing colors.

My friend loves strapless dresses, and I think she would just adore the sweet ruffles and the architectural look of the Kia dress by Nostalgia. Accenting the smallest part of your waist and falling around the knee, this dress is universally flattering and timeless. With a price tag of only $89, it’s affordable as well!

I can’t wait to pass along the links to each of these dresses to my friend. With so many great choices, I have no doubt that her bridal party will look absolutely amazing for her big day!

**The photo featured at the top of this post was taken by CAPow Art & Design.

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