Christine Eclavea Mercer

Christine Eclavea Mercer is a freelance writer and geek. She shares her love of sewing and decorating her home around really old furniture at Christine Sews.

A long-time sufferer of eczema, she has a deep and abiding love of all spa and cosmetic products which don’t cause itch. She’s found several and joined us because she wants to tell everybody about these cool products. (And she likes us too.)

handmade soap

handmade soap

In her spare time she paints walls and acts silly with children. And she’s been known to put on makeup while rushing to the emergency room because she knew her grandmother would not approve if she showed up with a naked face.

She also blogs about being a first generation American at Frog in North Georgia. Yes, Frogs are French. But Christine is only half French; so she just knows how to say words like baguette and petite really well. When she’s late, which happens more than she would like, she blames it on her dad’s side and says that she’s on island time.

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