Dreaming of my chevy and my old blue jeans

YUM! My feet are freezing as I type this, and these look amazing! Head over to The Crocodile Rock and get them before I do.

bio: I’m a work-at-home mom with a kid and a lovely husband (who always helps with the housework when he can :), and a passionate knitter and sewer with a taste for the cute and the cuddly :) I think my kid is my real, true inspiration for my work (he loves it, the croc in my avatar is the one I made for him is his favorite).

My sewing and knitting “career” started way back when I was a little girl with my grandma. I spent a lot of my winters at grandma’s mountainside cottage, helping my grandma with the family recipes and knitting and sewing with her; I’ve been doing it ever since, and I have no regrets.

title: Elton John, Crocodile Rock.
  • Handknit Hugs
  • A pincushion for every day
  • Twirly Fabulous Upcycled Sweater Skirts
  • Rainbow Crochet Toasties
  • Photographic Collages by Matthew Parker
  • Fiber Jewelry by Susan Sanders
  • Illustrations by Alli Coate
  • "Brass" Knuckles Wood Teether


  1. says

    Love them, love them, love them! These are truly unique! I know exactly how I would wear them… and not for around the house. Too cool! I want a pair or two…….
    Crystal from KIZZ

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