Misha Ashton: I am a photographer, graphic designer and craft maker located in Portland, Oregon USA. [working on relocating to Wellington New Zealand by the end of 2009]

I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember and even with the whole digital craze, I am still addicted to film. Most of all slide film cross processed. None of my work is photoshopped, everything is done either in the camera or in the developing process.


  • Handknit Hugs
  • Twirly Fabulous Upcycled Sweater Skirts
  • G Street Fabrics
  • Fiber Jewelry by Susan Sanders
  • Waveform wedding rings by Sakurako Shimizu
  • Spring Organization: Workspaces
  • Interview with Victoria of LavenderField
  • Handmade wedding rings, invitations and flowers


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