Facial Cream

Olive oil seems to be one of those all purpose household items like baking soda that can reside comfortably in the bathroom, as well as the kitchen. Though I had not previously thought to put it on my face. Since it is actually, oil.

olive oil moisturizer
And while putting it in the bathtub seems like a good idea, albeit slippery. The face, where acne threatens seemed to be a place where oil would only be a good idea for someone sunburned, elderly, or with extraordinarily dry skin. Or maybe all three.

But I am won over by simplicity of ingredients. And olive oil, beeswax and vitamin E seemed to be something I could put on my legs if I didn’t like it as a facial cream. Or toast.

I tried the Beeswax and Olive Oil Moisturizer from Grace Inspired. Described as wonderful for normal to dry skin, I wondered how dry is normal. Would I qualify? Would this moisturizer feel like Vaseline?

It does have a somewhat gooey appearance. And the first time I put it on, I used way too much and had to pat my face with a towel. After that I quite liked it. My skin did not feel dry (of course). But it also did not feel oily, or suffocated.

The next day I used too little and kept dipping my finger back into the jar for a little more, beginning to feel like the three bears story, trying to get it right. But the third time was not a charm. It actually took all week for me to figure out just how much of the stuff to scoop out onto my fingers and put on my face without looking shiny. This seemed idiotic. And I would have given up, except that my skin felt really good.

I also like to use it on my hands, which tend to get very dried out around the cuticles. I think a person with dry skin could happily use it anywhere. And it doesn’t hurt my feelings when I get to say I’m normal.

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