From Winter to you

Jenny Karlsson has a great shop full of one of a kind bags and accessories. From the wintery photography, to the carefully selected fabrics, I dare you not to purchase something from her.


thumbBio: I’m a Swedish lass who loves to create things.
I like to laugh and to feel and to find wisdom. I love trees and plants and birds and nature in general.
I have always been making things, and now a days it’s more of a necessity in life for me.
I easily get stuck in shops selling fabrics, yarns and beads. As well as vintage & second hand shops…
I like old things.

Jenny Karlsson Design makes handmade accessories with the aim for ‘feeling before fashion’ and individuality, uniqueness & quality is very important. I make each bag & item from scratch, I never use a pattern, except the ones I keep in my head. :) Each handbag is unique and marked with an embroidered number.

Bags range from $35 – $65, and if you see one you like you’d better grab it, because they’re all one of a kind.

  • Handknit Hugs
  • A pincushion for every day
  • Twirly Fabulous Upcycled Sweater Skirts
  • Aisles and aisles of tiny boxes
  • Rainbow Crochet Toasties
  • Fiber Jewelry by Susan Sanders
  • Organizing With A Little Rustic Charm
  • Hypnotized, mesmerized, by what my eyes have seen.

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