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The number one question people ask me about the things I make is: where do you get your fabric? I’m happy to say that my primary source is a local chain of fabric stores with deep roots in Washington DC: G Street Fabrics.

With three sprawling stores in the DC area, G Street easily rivals the best stores in any major city with a garment district.

evening wear fabric

Founded in 1942 by the Greenzaid family, my favorite fabric emporium started out as a humble side business. Family patriarch David Greenzaid moved to Washington, DC from New York City during the Depression and sold bolt ends and various notions to the city’s tailors as a way to make ends meet. The business slowly grew, until a tiny storefront sprung up on 11th and G Streets, called simply enough: G Street Remnant Shop.

upholstery fabric

The original store closed briefly in the 1950s, but was reopened by David’s son Judah at 805 G Street. Many of the stores’ current customers still remember that storefront fondly. The original store was only 100 square feet, a far cry from the current 20,000 square foot flagship store in Rockville, Maryland. The Rockville store opened in 1983 when the DC location could no longer contain its massive collection. As the business continued to expand, second and third stores opened in Centerville, Virginia in 1994 and Falls Church, Virginia in 1999, easily matching the Rockville store’s size, as well as variety and quality of fabric and notions.


All three stores in the area now sell much more than just remnants and notions. Each store has several huge departments covering all the major fabric categories: quilting cotton, upholstery and home decorating, evening wear, denim, knits and other fashion fabrics, men’s suiting, and of course, bridal fabric.

lace from the bridal department

And the abundance doesn’t stop there. G Street also has extensive collections of sewing patterns from both major and obscure pattern companies, a very well stocked sewing machine department featuring Bernina brand machines, and an absolutely huge notions department. Next time you need a button shaped like a bumble bee or tangerine ball fringe, there’s only one place to go!

multi colored ball fringe

The best part about G Street, aside from the incredible variety of fabric and sewing goodies, is their extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. I shop regularly at all three stores, and employees never fail to ask me what I plan on making with the fabric, ribbon, or whatever I happen to be buying. Additionally, G Street maintains a very long and varied curriculum of sewing, quilting, and home decorating classes at all levels. Not only can you hire their experts to recover your couch for you, you can also take a class there to figure out how to do it yourself!

a huge collection of fabric

Judah Greenzaid and his sons still own all three stores, and “Mr. G,” as he is called, still works on sourcing fabric for the stores, and even staffs the cutting tables at the Rockville flagship. All three stores are open seven days a week, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Mondays through Saturdays, and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sundays. Visit the web site to view the class schedule and other events.

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  1. says

    While visiting my sister in Maryland one year she took me to G Street. As I walked into my earthly version of heaven my jaw hit the ground and I started foaming at the mouth. I was star struck. It was AWESOME.

    The next time I drove out for a visit of course I went to G Street. My sister called to check up on me only to find that I was still in the store HOURS later. I was "lost" and in awe. G Street is the mecca of fabric stores…..I've never seen anything like it!

  2. says

    Oh yes…. G street fabric is fantastic!!!! My Sisiter-In-Law used to live in Centerville and I have spend countless happy hours there while my husband and In-Laws went to the movies. Now it is a MUST STOP before going to Dulles Airport flying back to England :-) Birgitte

  3. BritWit says

    White G Street is incomparable in this area – the knowledgeable staff comment is a bit over-stated. I do home dec and personal sewing and the G Street-supplied customers with too-short yardage, no findings, and inappropriate fabric for a project are too numerous to overlook. The staff is certainly not sew-savvy and is interested only in making a sale. There was a time a few years ago when G Street staff WAS professionally dressed and quite helpful in sewing needs. Today, sneaker-clad, dimwits who can’t tell denim from denier populate the sales staff.

  4. Gloria says

    i want to know if you have balls fabric to make flamenco costumes and where i can check here by internet . . . Thank you

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