Handmade Paris Inspired Accessories


Bonjour! Ah! Paris in the Springtime! How delightful! What? You’re not in Paris? No, me neither. But let’s celebrate one of the world’s most romantic cities by decking ourselves out in Parisian inspired accessories.

Let’s start with the quintessentially French headgear, the beret. This beret from Bow Tie Unique will have everyone around you smiling and saying, “there’s a girl with style!”


Why not add a dangling charm bracelet to your accessory wardrobe this spring? This bracelet features charms that pay tribute to France’s most famous monarch, Marie Antoinette. The bracelet, from Poet Summer, is all things girly and fun.


Let’s say you’re less “Let them eat cake!” and more “I need to bake a cake.” You can do that in French style as well in this wonderful apron from Wonderland Avenue. The Eiffel Tower print is sure to keep you feeling sassy even while you are baking.


Another way to carry the Eiffel Tower with you is by wearing these wonderful earrings from Under Glass. Delicate and lovely, these earrings are sure to become one of your favorite pairs.


In a less obvious nod to French style and design, try this lovely handbag from Clutterbags. With a French Wallpaper fabric from Amy Butler, this bag is sure to keep you chic, and what could be more French than that?


And, to help keep your gadgets in order for the girl on the go, there is this sweet little pouch made by Antique Basket Lady. If you put your iPod in a case like this, you are bound to always find it quickly and easily in your handbag or on the go.


Next week we will start thinking about handmade gifts to celebrate Father’s Day! I’ll see you then!

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