Handmade Seasonal Stock-Up


Welcome to another Seasonal Handmade column. This week I am going to show you some great handmade ways to stock up on seasonal goodies. Remember, even if there isn’t a holiday in the immediate future, it always pays to be prepared.

Up first is Halloween. Halloween is just a few short months away now and if you want to get ready for trick-or-treaters, you might want to start with this adorable table runner from Mountain Home Quilts. Can’t you imagine this sitting on a console table in your entry? When the little ghouls and goblins appear on your doorstep, they’ll love your style and your candy.

Seasonal 1 halloween

After Halloween comes Thanksgiving and the fun of a fabulous family feast. When you assemble your feast, your gravy will taste ten times better in this Gravy Baby gravy boat from Jeanette Risco. Just make sure you check your guest’s pockets and bags when they head out the door to make sure this gravy boat stays put at your house until next year!


When it’s time for Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, there’s no better way to celebrate the most meaningful moments than with this wonderful menorah from Aimee Golant. The beautiful organic shapes make this menorah one that will quickly become a family heirloom.


And then there’s Christmas – time to deck the halls and trim the tree. Make sure you add this snowman to your box of favorite ornaments. This snowman, by Niven Glass Originals, is a festive and pretty way to bring the holidays to life around your home.


Somehow, Valentine’s Day always sneaks up on me. And, while I do remember cards for my sweetie, I sometimes forget to buy cards for other good friends in my life. But, if you buy these handmade cards from Mishmish Market, you’ll be all set and all you need to do is pop them in the mail.


I had Easter in mind when I chose this wonderful bow garland from LeiLiLaLoo, but it would work for any springtime holiday. Of course, this is so cute, you may want to leave it up year round.


So, there you go! Get inspired and stock up your storage bins with seasonal stuff and you’ll be prepared for every day that comes your way.

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