Handmade wedding dresses, veils, and jewelry


As promised, I am continuing our wedding series this week with a spotlight on the bride. As a bride, your options really are limitless when it comes to having a handmade wedding. The choices that I am showcasing represent one tiny facet of what’s available, so if these aren’t your thing, I encourage you to do some searching – you really can make your day one that your guests will always remember when you buy handmade!

Let’s start with the most important decision most brides will make: The Dress! Despite the fact that I have been married for years, looking at wedding dresses never gets old.

This first option, by Joan Shum, just screams “bride!” It is romantic, elegant, and has touches of fun while still maintaining a traditional aesthetic. If you love the look, but not the length, all of Joan Shum’s dresses can be made in any length you like. Wouldn’t this be stunning as a tea length gown?

The next option is simply gorgeous, and is a cost effective and eco elegant option for a modern bride. Created by Isadora Clothing, this dress would be perfect for an outdoor wedding. Just imagine it on the beach or in a garden! Perfection!

Once you’ve picked out a gown, deciding what to do with your hair is the next consideration. Whether you choose a traditional veil, a tiara, or something else entirely, there are options aplenty, beginning with this lovely veil designed by Veiled Beauty. Called, “A Little Something,” this veil is just that, a little bit of pretty for your big day.

How about a tiara too? This tiara, from Anca Pe’elma, has the right mix of sparkle and sophistication. Too beautiful to wear just once? Wear it around the house after the wedding, I won’t tell.

This next option is for you if you’ve ever been Carrie Bradshaw in your fantasy life. Made by Violet Delight [Since the writing of this post, this Etsy shop has been closed. If anyone has a new link, please let me know.] , this choice gives a nod to tradition with the veil and flower, but the overall design and peacock feather are a glamorous take on vintage modern.

A bride needs special jewelry for her special day! Not only can you add a little shimmer to your earlobes with these lovely earrings by Amber Sky, but you can also get your “something blue” taken care of as well.

Another option is this fabulous bracelet by Handwired Jewelry Design. Like the earrings above, this bracelet will work on your wedding day and beyond with its fanciful mix of pearls and swarovski crystal.

Last but not least, what will your attendants wear? This simple dress from Amanda Archer can be made in a variety of colors and will have your bridesmaids singing your praises! Not only will they look great in your wedding pictures, but this is one dress that won’t be gathering dust at the back of their closets!

I saved the whimsy for the end. This flower girl dress is every little girl’s princess fantasy, come to life! Created by Sweet Plume, this confection is all color and fun and is guaranteed to make your guests smile.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our look at wedding designs. If you’re not planning a wedding, but instead find yourself an invited guest, tune in next week when I will show you some great picks for handmade wedding presents that the bride and groom will love!

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  • A pincushion for every day
  • Fiber Jewelry by Susan Sanders
  • Fabric Balloon Ball For Big & Little Kids
  • Rainbow Crochet Toasties
  • Photographic Collages by Matthew Parker
  • "Brass" Knuckles Wood Teether


  1. says

    Hi Kristin-
    I wish that handmade had been the rage 17 years ago when I got married! I did make my own veil, and individual frames for the bridesmaids as a gift, but I love all the options there are for brides these days. My favorite option is jewelry (since that is what I do) but I didn't do it then. Instead of looking at your bridesmaids as a veritable army all dressed the same, why not celebrate their individuality and the personality that drew you to be friends in the first place by having custom made jewelry designed for each girl? I refuse to make cookie cutter ensembles. The best wedding I ever did was for the bride, her 8 bridesmaids and 3 special friends. Each girl was different so each necklace/earring ensemble was different, but all in the same color palette/gemstones of chocolate and pool blue. Great array of items you found! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day!

  2. says

    Hi Erin! I got married 7 years ago and it wasn't the rage then either, although I did do a bunch of stuff myself. Still, I wish there had been all of these great options then! That is a great thought, having all of your bridesmaids wear different jewelry or even different dresses! And what a genius idea for brides – you can give your bridesmaids jewelry that fits their personality and their dress and they will love you even more for the thoughtfulness! Thanks for sharing your ideas, Erin!

  3. Lauren Obermark says

    Kristin–this is great! I pulled some of it into my collection-o-wedding ideas so I can come back to it as I plan. I especially LOVE the hat veil. That's what I want for my wedding, but I was yet to find a photo that really captured it. This one is totally captures the look/spirit I was imagining. I adore it. Thanks for sharing this…and also for helping me! :) You're the awesomest.

  4. says

    Hi Lauren! Isn't the hat veil fabulous? I'm so glad that some of my selections are inspiring you! I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you pick for your wedding.

  5. says

    Your ideas are beautiful, THe looks are so unique and will stand out in their minds for a long time, I love the individual jewelry, It tells each person that they are special and you cared enough to do something just for them, I have been married 32 years to my wonderful husband/best friend and we did a lot of individual items also, we still get compliments when they look through our wedding book,

    Best of luck to you,


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  6. says

    Wow, I love your blog! It is very important that we support each others trades. I think it is so great that you are promoting the importance of this. I will keep checking back for new updates. I got married 8 years ago and made a few things for my wedding. The resources that are available today are endless. Have a beautiful day!


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