Handmade Wedding Gifts


So, you’ve made the commitment to buy handmade, but you’re invited to some spring and summer weddings and you feel torn between that commitment and the big box store registry. Fear not, there are handmade items that are both practical and pretty and are sure to delight the discerning bride and groom. Here are a few options that I found and that would be going on my list of gifts to give, if only all the brides I know weren’t reading this column!

Pictures! Do you know how many pictures the happy couple will have of their special day? Millions! Zillions! And those pictures will need frames! This frame, by Onkie Bazoobie, is one stylish and lovely example of what is available in the world of custom and handmade frames. Not only is this frame gorgeous, but if you’re a bride-to-be who is planning on wearing a veil on your big day, just look at this amazing photo!


When I think back on the gifts that we received after our wedding, kitchen and homeware items top the list! Sure, you can’t necessarily buy a handmade toaster, but you can get many, many wonderful items that will help to ensure the happy couple’s transition to a happy household goes smoothly. For example, every couple needs a place to store their recipes. This handmade recipe box and cards, from One Canoe Two is a stylish way to stay organized and have recipes at your fingertips. Not only would this make a great wedding gift, but it would also be a lovely gift to yourself if you’re handy in the kitchen.


With all those recipes, the bride and groom are going to need an assortment of prep bowls for ingredients. I admit to having a teeny tiny obsession with prep bowls. Okay, fine, I have five sets. So, I think these gorgeous bowls, crafted by Lynn Cardwell Pottery, would make a wonderful gift to any couple just stocking their kitchen. Utilitarian, but also pretty enough to leave on your countertop! Perfect!


After the nuptials and the scribbling down of recipes, the bride and groom are going to want to invite friends over so that they can share pictures from their honeymoon along with a nice dinner. What better way to set them up for entertaining than with these fun, colorful serving spoons from Beadz 2 Pleaz? With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can match the serving spoons to any pattern of china or dishes that the bride and groom registered for.


Another great serving option is this amazing platter from Dishfuls of Doodles. I’ll just come right out and admit, I want absolutely everything in this shop! The colors and styles are all fun and vibrant, and they really would help dress up even the simplest of dishes!


I can’t let you go without my typical touch of whimsy. If you know the bride and groom well and know their style, get them something one of a kind that will become a prized possession in their home. One example is the repurposed camera bookends made by 1453 Designs. Perfect for photography buffs, technology geeks, and readers, these bookends are sure to be a hit when the bride and groom open their gifts.


I hope that these selections have inspired you to think outside the box for wedding gifts! Join me next week when we leave the world of weddings altogether and talk about revamping your home decor with some “spring-y” selections.

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