Interview With Carita, Jealousy Designs


Carita has been living in the countryside of Sweden all her life. Her current housemates include two cats and a lizard. She describes herself as an analytic, business minded nature lover with too much creativity. Carita loves fashion, especially shoes, shopping, modern design and long walks in the nature. And of course creative work, like claying, painting and silversmithing.

On a normal day, you’ll find Carita working in her studio wearing work clothes and finally getting around to breakfast around 1pm – toast, tea, fruit and yogurt. Check out her store here and her blog here.


When you talk about Swedish Jewelry and Design elements in your work, what do you mean?

Most of my work is inspired from the nature here in Sweden and my designs are often pretty clean in the design, and that is what you usually call “Scandinavian design.”


How long have you been making jewelry? How did you get started?

I started to make beaded jewelry back in the beginning of the 2000, I got a “jewelry start kit” from my boyfriend. This was the beginning of my jewelry company but after a while I felt that I wanted a development from the beads and the material I had been working in. So I started studying various metalsmith techniques. The material I most liked to use became sterling silver and a little more expensive gems and stones of all kinds. And there is where I am today.


Is it hard to work with metal?

Both yes and no, it is not hard to make simple designs like just a hammered wire etc but if you want to make more detailed work and get a perfect result you need to put allot of energy and work hours for one piece. You need to think over the whole process at once, most of the time you can’t go back and change the design later. To work in metal is not anything for too restless persons I guess.

Did you go to an art school of some kind?

Yes, I studied in art school for a couple of years, this was a wonderful time when I everyday could spend all hours a day with different creativity processes.


Is this your full time job? Hobby? Fun?

Both yes and no. I have been running a company as an interior/exterior house painter (paint, repaper etc) for many years now. But last year I decided to put that company in rest and I am right now living full time on my jewelry making but also looking for a new job and challenge.


Where do you get your materials?

This is a hard question because I get it from so many different places. I buy the metal from a company who has recycled metal; the stones in my work are from all around the world but many of them I pick up myself in the nature around me. I like to use rough stones in my work but if I also cut out and design some stones myself.

Where do you get your ideas?

I am a person who takes my inspirations from my own impressions, things in life and nature.


Do you do other kinds of crafts?

Yes, I am an educated artist and I love art! I work in clay, wood, and paint.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

In 5 years I still live in my house, have a bigger studio and am running my successful jewelry company.


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