Interview with jill fine of glazedOver Pottery

I specialize in handmade wheel thrown and slab built functional and decorative stoneware pottery featuring vibrant colors and eclectic designs.

How did you get started? Have you worked in other creative areas before the kind of work you’re doing now?

I was pursuing a PhD in archaeology and ancient texts and took a pottery course to relieve the course load stress. That was my offical, structured introduction to ceramics but I had always felt a magnetic attraction to clay, even as a child. I am intrigued and hypnotized by clay…by the texture, the smell, the provocative mess, its earthy unpretentiousness.

Is there a story behind the name of your shop?

love the story about how I came to name my shop. A longtime fan of the English language, I was looking for a clever pun for my shop and was having trouble finding one that was still available. Then I had a conversation with my mother who was telling me about how annoyed with my father she was. She was trying to tell him something important but his eyes “glazed over” and he wasn’t listening at all.
“THAT’S IT!!!” I shrieked.
“What’s it?” she asked.
“I’ll call it ‘glazedOver’! Perfect!”
…and the funniest part was that I, too, hadn’t heard a word she had said. I did get a great shop name, though, even mom had to agree!

Do you work alone? With a team? Do you engage your family or friends in the work? What is your process? How do you ensure you get your work done yet still have a life?

I work alone but with the music always playing while I work, I never feel as if I am. Other than when I am doing custom work, I go where the muse takes me, either at the slab table or the pottery wheel. I lean toward eclectic and wabi sabi wares and I love a sleek profile.

Due to the constraints of the pottery process in which clay dryness or moistness dictates most things, I MUST do work when it demands so I try to schedule my life around it. One slab project can take a number of days to complete whereas wheel work can be done more quickly.

Where do you sell your work? Which venues are your favorites? Do you prefer selling online or in person? Do you attend shows or fairs? Is your work in a gallery or brick-and-mortar store?

I sell at galleries and shops and online. I prefer online at the moment because the operation is contained and more easily managed from home.

Do you have any favorite handmade shops or sellers you’d like to recommend?

I love

What inspires and motivates you?

The muse. She never shares her secrets with me consciously, but she directs my hands and keeps my heart ever craving more.

Thanks Jill. And if you would like to be interviewed next, please head over to DIY Interview.

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