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Please welcome Laura Trevey to Try Handmade! She is a watercolor artist and blogger who is going to be writing two columns each week. Here’s her first painting column (look for photograpy tomorrow), and I know she’d appreciate any recommendations of your favorite artists in this medium. Just leave them in the comments and welcome her to Try Handmade!


I am drawn to bright and beautiful art, so it is no wonder that Lisa Congdon’s work caught my eye! This San Francisco mixed media artist and illustrator is one to notice. Aside from four painting classes, Lisa is entirely self-taught. She uses her lack of training to her advantage: instead of following refined technique, she works with her own sense of color, composition and design as her guide.

In her shop you will find a variety of paintings, prints, drawings and collages. This gouache painting on masonite speaks to me. The rich colors and wonderful composition lead your eye around the page. I love all of the different and interesting shapes throughout.

This birdhouse archival print is whimsical and fun! You may think all of the houses are painted pink. However, if you look closer, you will find a wide range of colors used such as orange, mauve, magenta, rose, purple, etc. This creates more interest and depth.

Everyone loves birds, and this Finch archival print is simply adorable! There is a lot of detail in the actual painting of the bird. Therefore a plain background works well and is very complimentary. Add a splash of color to your room.

Thank you Lisa for sharing your incredible talent with us. Your work is cheerful and colorful indeed!

Please visit her website and blog to learn more about her.

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