Little Heathens

If you like Heathen’s Hearth then you’ll love Little Heathens natural bath and skin care for kids.


Little Heathens: All products are as close to natural as they can get. I use only paraben free preservatives and pthalate free fragrances. These products cost a little more, but they are worth every penny to avoid over exposing children’s delicate skin to more potential allergens and chemicals.


Cinnamon candy individual soap hearts, black licorice soap, and Smores (!) soap. There are lots of other scents and products coming at the grand opening next month, but stop by today and ooh and ahh over these great kids products.


  • Handknit Hugs
  • A pincushion for every day
  • Crescent Maille
  • Twirly Fabulous Upcycled Sweater Skirts
  • Spring Organization: Workspaces
  • Fiber Jewelry by Susan Sanders
  • Fabric Balloon Ball For Big & Little Kids
  • Gocksfrocks Elegantly Handmade Clothing for Girls


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    Amy always kicks butt with her amazing b&b products. This is great that you featured her here, I have a feeling this shop will be as successful as her main shop, Heathens Hearth. (:

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