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The hubby and I recently relocated from our one room studio to a two-bedroom house. It is, for the most part, married bliss. There’s nothing like having more than one bathroom to keep a marriage strong. However, there is one major drawback to the home: plaster walls. Those familiar with plaster will know that it is messy at best, crumbling and cracking at worst. We’ve got a bit of both. Short of repairing the walls and throwing on some new paint, I don’t want to stick anything bigger than a nail in these 60-year-old walls.

So what do we do? I want to decorate, but I’d rather not hang heavy sconces and shelves, only to come home to a hole in my wall the size of Texas. Thankfully, alternative inspiration came to the rescue! We were at a TMBG concert this past weekend, and the boys from the band were handing out window clings. Remember those lil clingy bits of plastic we used to buy from school magazines and stick on the bathroom mirror? I grew up and forgot, but luckily there are enough people in the world that grew up and remembered.

I am absolutely in love with that birch forest by Wall Decors. It would look smashing in a living room or entrance hall. The best part is, like those old school window clings, they’re non-destructive and easily removed. So even if you don’t have a lick of patience for painting and gluing you’ll be able to get this mighty forest up in your living room with no hassle.

There’s another caveat to married life that I failed to account for: the mighty french rooster. Every Italian kitchen has a rooster, of some shape or variety, sitting on the counter. Our house is small, so is the kitchen. We need every ounce of space we can get. However, as a good Italian homemaker I can’t let my kitchen go chickenless for long.

Chuck E Byrd Wall Art to the rescue! This mighty rooster would be proud to grace any kitchen wall. The variety of color options ensure a proper match for even the most eclectic kitchen.

We’re still enjoying the “honeymoon stage” of our marriage, but I’m sure there are quite a few readers out there with little bundles of joy along the way. It feels like all of my friends are having kids, and I’m either running to showers or singing at first birthdays.

Wouldn’t that tree by Original Walls look darling in your little girl’s room? Not to be outdone, there are a plethora of boy’s options too, from full-blown motorcycles to monkeys swinging in the trees. We all eventually hit the age where we want to decorate and define our own space, and wouldn’t it be so much easier if the beautiful mural of a horse was easily applied and removed, instead of repainting the entire room?

If you’re looking for something a little more gender neutral, I’m a big fan of these lights by Pop Decors. They’re a bit unusual in the best way. I’m particularly keen on the two little winged lights.

Vinyl wall art compared to paint and stencil is considerably more time and user-friendly. I can’t paint a circle to save my life, but I sure as anything can put a sticker on the wall. Remember these work best on clean, even surfaces, and don’t like being put on and pulled off too many times.

If you have cracks in your wall or ceiling (like I do) be sure to repair those before putting up any paint or decals. This way you’re not avoiding a potentially bigger issue. I know it’s tempting, but even though it may be pretty, if it’s hiding a problem it’s only a big ol’ band-aid.

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  1. says

    I am digging the wall vinyls as well as of late. We recently moved to Portland and are renting a larger house so I bought a word vinyl off Etsy to put in my formal living room. I love it! I haven’t branched into the art side of them (pictures instead of words) but I’m intrigued by the idea.

    Post photos if/when you get some up!! :)

    • Jesika Wolff says

      Hi Kelly! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the vinyls too. I intend to get a few arty ones to dress up the downstairs bathroom, but first I’ve got to finish a few renovations. Shelves and whatnot. When I get a few up I’ll do a recap post so folks can see what they look like :)

  2. marquita herald says

    Wow, love the looks but you guys definitely live in a different world than I do! I also rent, but I can’t even put picutures on the wall, let alone wallpaper … must be nice.

    • Jesika Wolff says

      Hi Marquita,

      I rented for many years prior to this house, and if they told you you can’t put up pictures that’s really frustrating. There’s really nothing destructive about the little nails used to mount picture hooks. They even make sticky versions that are completely non-destructive, so long as you take them off correctly. Wallpaper is definitely a no, since it’s so hard to take off. But pictures should be fine. If you do put anything up, those little picture holes are very easy to spackle over. I’m sure if you look at the wall now, unless it’s a 100% brand-new build, there are little bumps and grooves in it. Indicators of past cover-ups :)

      However, the best thing about these vinyls is that they’re 100% non-destructive. They’re like window clings. No glue or nails required. If you’re concerned about wall damage just convo the seller. I haven’t had any issue with wall clings before, but not knowing your walls or landlord situation I can’t say they won’t get you into trouble. Good luck!

    • Jesika Wolff says

      I know! Once I’m done fixing the ceiling in the master bedroom I’m doing this to one of the walls. It’s either that or a brick veneer. I haven’t decided yet. But first, drywall!

  3. Jesika Wolff says

    Thanks! If you get any let us know how they work out. It’s always good to hear about personal experiences.


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