Easter Best

Commercially speaking, Easter doesn’t really get the attention Christmas does. No matter how hard the Bunny tries, he will always play second-fiddle to the Big Man. This is okay with me. I can only handle one big holiday a year, which is why Easter, the most low-key, is also perhaps my favorite. (Daisy photo from Country Dreaming.)

Growing up, I looked forward to getting the Easter basket. What kid doesn’t love a basket full of chocolate eggs, marshmallow candies, and a over-sized chocolate bunny? I couldn’t tell you what the basket looked like, but it had that green plastic grass in it that hid lots of chocolate treats. The Easter egg hunt was also a lot of fun. My brother and I would run around the house finding plastic eggs filled with jellybeans. My brother, four years younger, needed help from my parents

A grown-up Easter basket from All Decked Out Boutique

I wouldn’t mind a basket full of these delicious-looking cookies from Holiday Candy Lane.

The second part of Easter after the egg hunt and basket unveiling, was less exciting at least for a kid. It involved getting dressed in a new dress, going to church, and then having a big family dinner. Frilly white dresses with lace and Easter bonnets were popular among me and my fellow 10-year-olds.

A stylish hat from Katrina Couture.

Laid-back yellow halter dress from One Avian Daemon.

25 years later, Easter is a bit different. There are no baskets or Easter egg hunts. However, we still go to church in the morning, I still manage to eat chocolate, and we do have a big family dinner. Also, I always find an excuse to buy myself something new—not necessarily white and frilly, but something for Spring.

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