Barcelona, Spain

Whenever I’m in need of a little design inspiration, a sure place to look is the great continent. I hopped over to Barcelona, Spain to see what the ladies of the Iberian Peninsula had cooking!

dolo grandfather clock stuffed doll

Misako Mimoko creates little stuffies – dolls, brooches, and necklaces – with lots of personality and a nod to the past. I followed a link in her shop announcement to find this little embroidery pattern, inspired by one of her dolls, that you can download and use to embellish a tea towel or pillow.

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Goodness Gracious

Looking for something spectacular for your yard? Stop looking now. I’ve found it.

Designed to become an everlasting part of your family tradition, The Great Bowl O’ Fire is an unique work of art hand-cut by artist John T Unger. No two are exactly alike, as the flames are drawn free-hand. Gather friends and family to celebrate around a roaring blaze year-round. The raised bowl allows you to sit comfortably without having to lean forward to stay warm. Keep your feet toasty, tucked below the rim of the bowl and bask in the full-body radiance that a raised firebowl offers. An outdoor fire pit is a great way to extend the outdoor living season.

The Great Bowl O’ Fire makes a stunning focal point for yards, patios and gardens. Unlike many outdoor firepits which look dirty or empty when unlit, The Great Bowl O’ Fire functions as a gorgeous sculptural element either hot or cold. By day, the flame shapes cast intriguing shadows both inside and outside the bowl and the rich tones of the patina suggest a warm blaze. At night, with a fire burning, the bowl casts flickering shadows as lively as the fire within.

The Great Bowl O’ Fire is a gorgeous sculptural element even when not in use. The play of light and shadow as the sun moves across it is as entrancing as the dance of fire.

Blue Pumpkin Corsetry


Blue Pumpkin Corsetry: I’ve been making corsets professionally for three years now. I was studying the construction techniques and pattern manufacture for two, previous to that.

I really do believe that a good quality corset is comfortable and wearable. I also believe that a corset can be made for any occasion, not just formal or bedroom occasions.

I have made corsets for clients all over the World and for all manner of reasons. From underwear, to office wear and day-to-night corsets.

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StellaMerle: Over the years, I’ve discovered something about myself–I have to be creating something. Whether it is writing, wedding cakes, crafts, or in this case, designing and sewing interesting clothes.

I acquired a love of sewing from my mom and grandmothers–Stella and Merle. In my shop you’ll find original designs, attention to quality and details, beautiful new fabrics often mixed with vintage treasures. I love old buttons, linens, and fabrics.

When I design its about the little, sometimes unseen things. I never leave raw seams. You’ll find flat felled seams and french seams. Every garment is of the highest quality. I’m a skilled seamstress with years of providing beautiful and unique clothing to satisfied customers.


Snip, Snip – Cut paper art

I am constantly intrigued by what cut paper artists can accomplish with scissors, papers, and glue. Each artist below has embraced a unique style on this art form which is sure to captivate your interest.

artwork by Roadside Projects

Jayme McGowan from Roadside Projects is setting a new standard for cut paper art. Her pieces are intricately concocted and expertly executed. Her subject matter spans generational interest and can be displayed in any room of your house. Prints and originals are available in her shop and don’t forget to visit her project blog.

artwork by Rural Pearl

I found the cut paper art at Rural Pearl to be modern and refreshing. The artist, Angie Pickman, has made this art form her own. I am drawn to the strong black and white pieces and appreciate her use of color. You will find prints and even some pendants made from her originals.

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