The Wizarding World of Fashion

Yes, I am not ashamed to admit it: I am a Harry Potter fan! So much so, we have saved up to take the family to Harry Potter World in Florida later this year, and we simply cannot wait to see the next film in the series next week. We have been the family who have queued up outside the bookshop at midnight when the new books have come out and read them non-stop; we bought the Hogwarts scarves, the wands, the wands the following year when the newer edition had pretty lights, and and we have also been the ones (husband excluded) dressing up to go to the cinema on the opening night.

Unfortunately this year my daughter’s still on her school camp on that first night, so we have to wait a whole 3 days! Now we are completely used to being accused of being very uncool as far as the Harry Potter thing is concerned (they either haven’t read the books or are jealous of J K Rowling’s success), but even I had my doubts as to whether dressing up not on the first night, is too much. Those doubt were quickly quashed though, and we are now busy planning what to wear!

A quick internet search reveals some amazing fan-made costumes, but sadly they mostly aren’t for sale. On Etsy, I absolutely love this one above by Bbeauty Designs of Bellatrix lestrange’s outfit. Evil and nasty though the character is, there’s no doubt that Helena Bonham Carter always gets to play the most interesting people and wear the best clothes.

The detail by limebarb that has gone into re-creating the uniform of the Beauxbaton students is amazing! It is just like the ones in the films.

Lastly I love this charm bracelet by 1luckysoul. What a fantastic idea. It has kind of a steampunk edge to it too and is so original.

The only sad thing is, this is the very last film!

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Ceramic Function By Chrys


Ceramic Function By Chrys: This porcelian cup was thrown on my potters wheel and then adorned with feet and tiny nubbies!! Organic and ergonomic the cup is comfortable to hold as it fits in the hand like a glove. The tiny nubbies make it fun to fondle too!

The spectrum of color is amazing from deep lavender purples to several shades of blue! The inside is lined in a soft pink that complements the lavenders perfectly.


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Fabric Balloon Ball For Big & Little Kids

Does your baby love balloons? Are they just spellbound by how they magically float over head. Unlike a ball, a balloon moves slowly, gently, perfect for little hands & eyes that want to bat that thing back up in the air. But there is a problem with balloons and babies. They are a choking hazard. They can pop and eject the latex into the mouth, blocking the airway.

I’m always anxious when babies & toddlers are around balloons. Of course my kids have all adored balloons to distraction. Even though I sometimes wonder if my own risk of heart attack from the stress of watching babies bite balloons is worse than the actual choking risk, I still cannot get over the fear and worry every time I see an infant bite a balloon. Makes my blood run cold!

Fortunately, there is a simple elegant solution for us all, from SDK Designs that brings balloons back into play. Fabric balloon slipcovers! These are so clever I do wish I’d thought of it myself. The balloon goes in, you blow it up, you slip the knotted end inside and you have an attractive, covered, and safe balloon for baby to bat at. Genius. It’s a neurotic mommy’s best friend and a great gift as well!

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On a Silver Platter


It’s no secret that I have an obscene love of food. What most people don’t know however, is how much that love extends to the utensils and dishes with which food is prepared, served and enjoyed. I would wager, in fact, even my own family is in the dark as to how deep my fondness for all things food-service related runs.

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