Save U.S. Handmade from being regulated into oblivion

The ladies at Cool Mom Picks have already written about this topic, so just head over there for more information. The upshot is that come 2009, folks who make toys and other items for babies and kids in the United States are going to be burdened with ludicrous and hugely expensive product testing requirements. Unless this legislation is changed, I’d be willing to bet that almost all handmade sellers in this category will be driven out of business. This is a tragedy in the making.

Image via the fabulous Laurie Smithwick of LEAP Design.

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Coming next year :)

“Handmade Nation” the movie is in the works, but in the mean time, check out the book:

handmade-nationFaythe Levine traveled 19,000 miles to document what has emerged as a marriage between historical technique, punk culture, and the D.I.Y. ethos. For “Handmade Nation” (along with the documentary film of the same name, coming in 2009), she and Cortney Heimerl have chosen 24 makers and 5 essayists who work within different media and have different methodologies to provide a microcosm of the crafting community. Participants in this community share ideas and encouragement through websites, blogs, boutiques, galleries, and craft fairs. Together they have forged a new economy and lifestyle based on creativity, determination, and networking. Twenty-four artists from Olympia, Washington to Providence, Rhode Island, and everywhere in between show their work and discuss their lives. “Handmade Nation” features photographs of the makers, their work environment, their process, their work, and discussions of how they got their start and what motivates them.

$20 at amazon.

Also see them on Etsy and their blog.


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Thanks ThreadBanger

Imagine my surprise after returning from a week of Thanksgiving fun to see that Try Handmade was mentioned on ThreadBanger.

It’s a great article on the virtues of buying handmade, but hey, preaching to the choir here! They point out the beautiful MyStudio bag which I still covet! Check it out — it’s a good read.

ThreadBanger is also a great place to go to learn to sew, well, pretty much anything, and their video episodes are fun and addictive. If you get stuck on a project, they even have a forum you can turn to.

Threadbanger is a network for people who love to DIY, recreate, refashion and craft. Forget about corporate stores, we’re here to help you create and find your own style! From our episodes, forum and blog to our newsletter and contests, there is something for everyone. Our goal is to bring together people who can share their ideas, tips and advice with others and help make the world more fashionable – Threadbanger style!

So if you like Try Handmade and you love to sew (or want to learn) ThreadBanger is a site to check out.

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