Bridbird: These three lovely ladies are female Satin Bowerbirds. The male of this species of Australian bird is an amazing blue colour and is well known for it’s bower building abilities and collecting of blue objects to make himself look even bluer. But! I personally think the females, with their lovely olive green plumage, are the real beauties.

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Easter Best

Commercially speaking, Easter doesn’t really get the attention Christmas does. No matter how hard the Bunny tries, he will always play second-fiddle to the Big Man. This is okay with me. I can only handle one big holiday a year, which is why Easter, the most low-key, is also perhaps my favorite. (Daisy photo from Country Dreaming.)

Growing up, I looked forward to getting the Easter basket. What kid doesn’t love a basket full of chocolate eggs, marshmallow candies, and a over-sized chocolate bunny? I couldn’t tell you what the basket looked like, but it had that green plastic grass in it that hid lots of chocolate treats. The Easter egg hunt was also a lot of fun. My brother and I would run around the house finding plastic eggs filled with jellybeans. My brother, four years younger, needed help from my parents

A grown-up Easter basket from All Decked Out Boutique

I wouldn’t mind a basket full of these delicious-looking cookies from Holiday Candy Lane.

The second part of Easter after the egg hunt and basket unveiling, was less exciting at least for a kid. It involved getting dressed in a new dress, going to church, and then having a big family dinner. Frilly white dresses with lace and Easter bonnets were popular among me and my fellow 10-year-olds.

A stylish hat from Katrina Couture.

Laid-back yellow halter dress from One Avian Daemon.

25 years later, Easter is a bit different. There are no baskets or Easter egg hunts. However, we still go to church in the morning, I still manage to eat chocolate, and we do have a big family dinner. Also, I always find an excuse to buy myself something new—not necessarily white and frilly, but something for Spring.

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