Mineral Concealer

mineral makeup concealer midas

Concealer is not one of those glittery makeup products that draw me in, like colored lip balms. Instead it is necessarily near to flesh color, but not really, and is best when invisible on the skin. It’s that item that you really need when you need it. And the rest of the time don’t give it very much thought.

I haven’t had much luck with concealers in the past. I have found the creams and sticks to be heavy and appear bright against the skin, the liquids to be ineffective, and the powders to cake. And the last thing I want when I haven’t slept is to call attention to the circles under my eyes. It’s hardly a lifter of the spirit.

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About this stunning bracelet by juiceglass
This bracelet took a lot of time and joy in the making. Created with my own lampwork beads, jade stone, bits of seashell and sterling wire, it is a unique piece. A little girly, a little earthy, a little beachy!

Three pillow shaped lampwork beads are the bright center of the design. Each is flanked by seashell caps, which also are paired with glowing chips of jade stone on dangles. Sections of hand forged sterling wire create links between the lampwork beads, and the entire piece is clasped with a hand forged clasp, compete with a jade stone briolette dangle wrapped in more sterling wire. The entire piece was tumble hardened for hours, then given a rustic patina for an aged, finished look. Entire bracelet is a little over 7.5″ long.

All glass beads are made by me in Bullseye glass, a local glass company, and cleaned in harvested rainwater. All beads are digitally annealed for strength and durability.

Gifts For Summer Drivers

The theme for this gift guide is driving. Specifically, a summer night’s drive. The windows are rolled down in your car and your left arm is hanging outside. A warm breeze is rushing over your skin as you move your fingers through the resistant air current. The collective neighborhood smell of charcoal barbecues, fire pits, fresh cut grass and the occasional cigar enjoyed on a porch fill your inhalations.

Maybe you went out for milk, or are driving home from a night with friends. Either way it is driving weather and you are so glad to be in motion. As you pull up to your house the perfect song comes on the radio. The one that makes you feel 16 and wise beyond your age at the same time. So you smile and press your foot on the gas, pass up your house and circle the block one more time to listen to it.

Snowowl’s lino letterpress art captures the perfect marriage of music, driving and memories.

Sometimes if we didn’t have to be home right away, my dad would keep driving and time it so we got there right when the song was over. And we always had to have the windows down for the full effect.

Father’s Day is coming up and this personalized hammered copper and sterling key ring by ChipmunkHollow is the gift for fathers who stare longingly at the car keys when the fireflies come out to play.

TheBugGirl has a beautiful collection of art cards created from a found lot of 1960′s trading cards in her attic. The colors are rich and rubbed out, with great detailing. Buy them individually, or purchase and frame a set. Then stare at them wistfully when summer ends and winter forces you to roll your windows up.

Slide this ring onto the finger of a loved one that would rather road trip than fly, who prefers to cruise instead of hurrying to their destination. An abstract wood grain, tire tread patterned ring made by JewelrybyJohan.

It’s summer, it’s gorgeous and it’s fleeting. So turn the radio up, lean your seat back a bit, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.