Summer of Love: Festival wear

In the UK, Glastonbury Festival is the biggest music festival, and in my opinion, the best as well! I have been going for years and now I’m lucky enough to live practically on its doorstep. If you haven’t been, it’s difficult to explain quite how fantastic, or to imagine how big it actually is. There are 150,000 tickets sold, the site takes up 1,100 acres and I’ve just counted 58 stages on the line-up! There are the main music stages, the dance village, the late night weirdness places, the kids’ field, the circus and theatre fields, but it’s the Greenfields where you’ll find the traditional vibes of the 1960s and 70s, and also where you’ll find the best handmade clothes. I’ll definitely be checking those out when I’m there.

However, whilst there is plenty of shopping to do at the festivals, it’s also good to be prepared before you go, so I’ve been busy scouring the internet for the best in festival wear. Essential number one for the summer of love look is the maxi dress. Ideally something light enough to pack and carry without taking too much space in your rucksack, and will embody the spirit of peace and love. This one by SLCSLC Fashion looks perfect to me.

The poncho. I love them! And they are so versatile. Fold in half and drape over your shoulders to stop them burning in the midday sun; roll it up to be a pillow in the tent; sit on it whilst watching bands to stop grass marks on the back of bare legs, and of course, wear for its purpose in the chilly evenings to keep you warm. (Also handily hides a belly after eating a festival burger!)

I could fill a whole post with pictures of fantastic handmade ponchos and shawls – there are so many to choose from. I do like applique though, so I finally picked this one by Malowane lnem to show you.

I can’t finish an article about festival clothing without mentioning the biggest essential of all: Wellies. Or wellington boots to give them their proper name. Readers from hotter climes may disregard this bit, however, for British festival-goers, these rubbery items of footwear are an absolute must. You may not need them, you may be one of the lucky few and experience a completely dry summer festival, but it is better to be safe than sorry; or you may end up like one of the several at Glastonbury ’97 with layers of bin bags tied round their ankles and up their legs – kept their feet dry yes, but their bottoms wet as they all slipped over in the mud.

Wellies aren’t really the easiest thing to make by hand, but you also don’t want to be in the same bog standard green boots as everyone else. More patterned ones are coming on the market, but in my experience they split really quickly. The perfect compromise is going for a normal, good quality pair of wellingtons that have been decorated. My kids painted swirls with glitter glue on theirs, but for some that are (arguably) more artistic, have a look at these by dianamhm.

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studio k

Another great find in the Try Handmade Inbox

studio k: aspiring to replace the common with something more beautiful

I am an architectural designer with an interest in all aspects of design. The New York City Map Cuts was my first large art piece. It was created to simplify the daily image of the Manhattan map that every New Yorker sees repetitively throughout any day. By simplifying the map into just an image it revealed much more information than a map crowded with words and symbols and color ever could. The information of city planning, the nature of the city block, and the importance of open space is greatly emphasized in my map cuts, especially the images in white. I love the idea of making a familiar object/image even more beautiful by simply taking away the unnecessary.

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Travel Inspired Spring Fashion

I don’t know why, but I’ve got travel on my mind more than ever these days. Maybe it’s the temperatures increasing ever so slightly and the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. Or possibly, it’s also the not so distant memories of snow and that we’re still wearing coats and gloves most days. (Screenprinted T’s from New Duds.)

Whatever the reason – there’s probably nothing more fun to daydream about then time away in beautiful places. I have two trips on the horizon, that I am hoping will happen within the next year. One to Maui, and one to Paris. Neither are confirmed yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing a little bit of research to see where my top places to go in each city are. Maui would be all about hiking, eco-tourism and time at the beach for me!

In Paris – La Duree for some sensational macaroons, Versailles in all it’s splendour, and biking in the French countryside are all top of my list.

And being the fashion loving girl that I am, I started to think of what clothing I’d want for these trips! For Maui, brightly colored lightweight dresses, tank tops and bikinis. For Paris, breezy romantic dresses and clothing in sweet pastels….

I thought I’d take a peek around Supermarket at some great indie fashion – matching each outfit with a fun getaway destination.

First up, these cute screenprinted t-shirts at the top of this post from New Duds! Almost instantly, they had me thinking Road Trip. T’s are always comfy for long trips in the car, with a stop at a cozy roadside dinner or a fun pub for lunch or dinner.

The Pastorius Dress from Dressed in Yellow makes me think of New York!

Lekkerlife Clothing offers this oh so cute black and white pleated skirt that says vintage California to me – I can just see myself wearing this great ensemble, top down, driving around in a classic car.

Finally – this gorgeous organic cotton dress from Gina Michelle has me thinking of Paris. This dramatic little number looks perfect for a candlelit dinner at a raucous restaurant!

Have you started shopping for spring and summer clothes yet? Any fun finds?

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