GamiWorks: I’m a Kansas City native, transplanted in Houston with dreams to retire in Antigua, Guatemala. I’m blessed to lead a wonderful life with my husband and love of my life, Mark, our 2 goofy dogs, Lucy and Murphy, and Bailey the cat. Our cozy home is our oasis, a refuge, and a place to be creative.

Now I’m not really a girly-girl, which may be surprising when you browse my products and the majority are clearly designed for chicks. But, I always appreciate feminine and classic looks…never trendy. I love to create a hodge-podge of things…keeps my mind and hands busy. I enjoy my artsy solitude, love to laugh, drink wine with friends and a long, sweaty run followed by a big jump in the pool….ahhh paradise!


The artwork at Lineonongrata is a bit different from my usual pickings but there is something about it that I keep coming back to. The artist’s illustrations instantly tells the viewer a story. I like that! Can’t you just visualize what the cat is thinking in your head? I can but I won’t tell as I’m sure it’s different for everyone!

The artist says this about herself:

I’m an illustrator living in Gabian in the south of France. While trying to make a living with my illustrations, I also like creating things, oftentimes with thread and fabric. My grandmother was a seamstress, so maybe some of her love for beautiful fabric has come down to me from her.

I love hearing where artists draw their inspirations from. Especially when it’s been passed down generation to generation. I think it makes the inspiration all the more special.

I know I’ve felt exactly the same way as this knitter has before. Everything from the colors, lines, and facial expression in this illustration clearly expresses how frustrating patterns can be. I laughed when I saw this one. It would be a great gift for a knitting friend to hang in her studio!

The illustrations I chose to share from Lineanongrata are on the simpler side of the artwork found there. Be sure to check out some of the other styles in this shop as they are just as beautiful!

North Shore Girls Rock Ring

For reals now, one of the reasons I started this site was so that lovely folks such as yourselves would buy these fabulous Etsy finds before I do. Trust me, that’s not a line, that the honest truth — just ask my husband who sighs every time he hears a package being delivered on our porch.

I need your help today a great deal. This ring is calling calling to me and I adore it so. Please purchase it so that I can stop sitting on my hands. I love the wild and unstructured nature of it, and the colors and materials are exquisite. It makes my heart beat a little faster. By negellatj.

Owl and Piggy Hats from Wooly Mammoth Woolens

In this day and age, with such an abundance of cute hats available, it should be considered a crime to put your child in a boring chapeau. There’s no risk of being charged when you put your kids in these Owl and Piggy caps from Wooly Mammoth Woolens.


I love the slightly silly felt embroidery on these. It takes the handknitting to the next level. The fact that the pig is speaking in French and the owl is Woot-ing rather than hooting, is just priceless.


Would that I could shrink my kids a bit to fit into these fabulous caps.