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Handmade Hellos: Fresh Greeting Card Projects from First-Rate Crafters
“Signed sealed delivered! In this delightful book card-making mavens Eunice and Sabrina Moyle of Hello!Lucky letterpress gather together more than 25 projects from today’s most talented paper artists. Simple instructions outline card- and envelope-folding basics plus how to screen print use a Print Gocco machine hand-bind emboss stamp stencil and much more. Ready-to-use patterns and spiral binding ease the process while easy-to-follow directions cute illustrations and finished project photos make it a cinch to create stacks of boutique-worthy greeting cards.” → more info

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Here’s my secret confession: I love funny tees. Of course, being a fully grown adult with a family, I don’t, you know, wear them. But that’s okay, because while funny tees are kind of sad when worn by middle-aged women, they are hilarious when worn by people who fit into onesies. This important fact is the reason I loved looking through the BABYWOOD! shop, and their assortment of cute tees and onesies, all printed with famous lines from television shows or movies, for the tiny comedians in your life.

Personally, I can respect a baby who isn’t afraid to get in your face with her awesomeness, and I happen to think this onesie would look cute on any awesome babies out there. It takes a combination of amazing cuddling skills, attitude, spunk and incredible chubby cheeks to pull off a look like this one. A round, wiggly tummy doesn’t hurt either.

It was funny when Joey on Friends said it, but printed across a a roly-poly little belly? Yes, adorable.

Babies just naturally possess the right attitude, a great smile (with or without teeth), hair that always looks “just right”, and the ability to laugh at all the funny stuff that life throws at them. Dad tripping over something, or Mom making a funny face were a couple favorites in my house. And since BABYWOOD! offers their all-cotton tees in sizes newborn to 7 Junior, there’s every opportunity to let your kid’s natural happiness and hilarity shine.

Still wondering if your wee tyke has the moxie to pull off such sensational sassiness? No worries, he already knows he’s a big deal. Bigger than than Mommy and Daddy. Bigger than applesauce. And he’s got that sweet little double chin to prove it.

Check out more funny tees for babies and toddlers at BABYWOOD!.

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