Peacock Garden

Are you familiar with Peacock Garden? I cannot stop staring at these wonderful animals with such personalities! I feel like I am on the farm. Cari Humphry is a native of Arkansas, a wife, and a Mom of two preschoolers. She squeezes in her love of painting between the two. She loves the old and forgotten. She also loves painting those creatures that are a warm, comfortable & often stinky, part of her backdrop of Arkansas- cows. This original acrylic painting called Early Risers measures 18 by 24 on Gallery Wrapped canvas. This piece has wonderful earth tones throughout.

“Daybreak” is an original painting of a rooster on Gallery Wrapped canvas as well. The soothing color scheme in the background is a wonderful backdrop for this feisty fellow.

Cari uses deep rich color which excites the senses. I can almost hear this rooster calling out, and I can feel those cows staring right into my eyes. Freshly painted and not overdone. Wonderful broad brushstrokes as well.

This fabulous piece called “Max and Ruby” is an original acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

Please take a peek at more of Cari’s fabulous original paintings in her shop. She adds paintings almost daily, so check back often. Thank you Cari for sharing your beautiful artistic talent with us.

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    Ahhh I LOVE these! Especially Max and Ruby. The colors in that piece…ugh they’re amazing. I can feel the warm sun just looking at it. Awesome work, Cari! *trots off to the shop to check it out*

  2. says

    Beautiful works. I love the richness of the colors and simplicity of her painting technique. I feel like these need to be in some childrens books!

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