Personalized, Handstamped Zipper Pulls By Munchkinmama


It’s back to school time and I am feeling very protective of my children’s stuff. After a mostly shoeless summer in tank tops, with no bags to carry or sweaters to lose, these kids are feeling pretty fancy free. They can hardly take a bite out of an apple without losing it in the backyard. I, on the other hand, am feeling the pinch of the economy and the rub of multiple growth spurts over the summer. One thing is for sure, I’m not looking forward to the inevitable blank stare that I am met with when I ask “Where’d you leave that brand new jacket?”


I honestly think each one of them has a personal black hole that follows them around. It shrinks away during the summer months and comes back bigger and fiercer in the fall. This year we are fighting back. With labels and with zipper pulls on every sweater, jacket, lunchbox, bookbag…you name it. If we can attach a tag we will. It’s part of an SOS effort I am making this year: Save Our Stuff! These zipper pulls from Munchkinmama seem up to the challenge


What I like about these tags in particular, is how simple they are. Like understated jewelry. They don’t fight for attention or detract from the item they are attached to. I’m not looking for a big neon sign or sizzling cowbrand on all their clothes. But at the same time I want something that doesn’t require too much investigation to find. Having dug through many a school “lost and found” bin, I’m aware that the smaller and more hidden the name label, the more likely the kind contribution you have just unknowingly made to a local shelter or goodwill.

Yes, I’m aware of “stranger danger” and for this reason may stick to a last name only for the littler kids. No problem with that plan. Munchkinmama will stamp whatever you request, along with a phone number so your stuff can phone home from the black hole.

Think my SOS plan will work this year? I’ll report back in June!

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