Pirates vs Ninjas by Goosegrease

I feel pretty confident saying that I believe you may never find a checkers set more fabulous than this hand painted wooden “Pirates vs Ninjas” set by Goosegrease. This set even has oversized “king me” figures. That’s above and beyond if you ask me!

I’ve been watching this seller for some time now, and covet their little wooden peg families. Last winter I even had a bit of a brief fantasy about ordering a “portrait” set of dolls made to represent our family. My plan was to take pictures of the little wooden dolly family at the typical holiday card locations (ie beach, park, in front of the hearth…) and then use it as our holiday card. This would kill two birds with one stone in that it would make a great gift for my kids and also spare me the agony of trying to get four kids to smile semi-convincingly all at once.


Goosegrease has a sister shop, Goosegreaseundone where they sell their checkers set as DIY blanks. I wish I had the patience to paint them myself. I might be tempted to do a set of pink ninjas vs classic pirates so we could play girls vs boys. But having seen the perfection that is this original design, I don’t think I could ever come close to matching it. This is on my holiday wishlist. For me!

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