Pysanky Eggs by Twisted Poppy


Twisted Poppy: As long as I can remember i’ve been making things, (little boats made out of empty margarine containers, crazy lego houses, reproductions of classical paintings with crayons) so I went to art School and I have a BFA in mixed media sculpture and printmaking. While in art school working on my sculptures I seemed to like the extremes of going large or going small so since i’m in a small space, small and handmade is what my etsy shop is all about.

A few years ago I taught myself the ancient artform of Pysanky in order to make my Ukrainian Grandmother a very special 80th birthday gift. I fell in love with the craft and have been addicted to making some of the most creative, vibrant and unusual pysanky eggs you may ever see. Up until 7 months ago I was a slave to the 50+ hour work week in order to pay off my student loans from Art School but then I developed asthma and discovered etsy and this has become my fantastically better and much more rewarding alternative to an unhealthy workaholic lifestyle, and I can be creative again!!