Sculpted Light

I know it’s only November, and those irritating Christmas commercials have amazingly already started, but these dear little cards make me start to remember why Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. When I found them in the Gallery I knew I just had to share them with you.


And she also has these gorgeous paper lamps as well.


Sculpted Light: My sculptures begin life as a string of reed. Then with a bit of imagination, it’s bent and shaped to form a skeleton. Once I’m happy with the skeleton, it’s time for paper and paste.

To ensure quality and strength, tissues are purchased from The Paper Place in Toronto, and three layers of it are applied to the skeleton. Sort of like paper mâché.

Because of this process, there are no duplicates. All are different and unusual. When placed in your home, I hope they will bring to it the quirky side of life.



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