Sitting On The Unexpected

dogbed as floor pillow by Breezy Beach Cottage

Over the holiday weekend we had a bit of a dilemma. My hubby, darling he is, decided to invite 20 people to our petite house. The living room has enough room for one very slim TV stand, one mighty coffee table, and a three person couch. Ask any host or hostess and they’ll tell you the living space is where your guests will congregate.

Where were all of these people going to sit? Leave it to our friends to enlighten my often too traditional mind. They all sat on the floor. And you know what? They were happy! So next time you’re agonizing over buying another chair for the occasional get together look to the unusual first. This dog bed hand-sewn by Breezy Beach Cottage is absolutely perfect for your pet, but as Breezy Beach Cottage’s Kelly of South Carolina says “This bed is so pretty and practical, you could use it as a big floor pillow for watching TV.” All of her cushions are covered with removable slips, so they’re easy to clean. When the padding is worn down you can simply replace the pillow inside the cover.


I’m a big fan of hand-knits. There’s something so cozy about a hand-knit pillow, and these poofy balls by Lucky Hanks are no exception. They can be purchased unstuffed, so if you have a lackluster pillow hanging out at home, or a few extra bits of padding from that last craft project then these are the pillows for you. They look fantastic piled in a corner, and make great seating when you’re in a pinch. Theresa also recommends them for kid’s rooms. They’re easy to move around and quite soft, making them the perfect accessory for a rambunctious child’s abode.


This floor pouf by Jade Bliss of Houston, TX has such a great funky vibe. I love the fabric swatch, and the pillow is actually quite large. When placed next to a standard couch it sits level with the cushions. It would make a bold statement in any room. She has quite a few patterns available too, so if you’re not the numbers type maybe a paisley or plaid cushion could fill that corner in your domicile.


Let’s not forget about the space under the pillows. Our house has plywood floors. Not the classiest surface, but at least a few steps above peel-n-stick linoleum. Ekra of Carbondale, IL has these fantastic hand-woven rugs made from fabric scraps. She goes hunting anywhere bits of fabric can be found and salvages the threadbits to make these gorgeous woven rugs. I personally am a big fan of this type of rug. I’ve found is lasts longer than standard carpet, and it’s easier to clean.

We’ve got a nice blue woven rug sitting under our living room windows now with four floor pillows on it. And the best part? When no one’s around I put out all of the floor pillows and lay about reading a book. It’s quite relaxing, and certainly classier than folding chairs.

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