Soy Lovely

Soy has long been labeled a healthy and sustainable crop, with dozens of uses in the culinary world, but have you seen how many other uses artists and designers have found for soy in the worlds of fashion, beauty and housewares?

Shown above: soy, acrylic and wool scarf from Fluur; soy milk beauty bar from soapsrus; solid perfume (soy-based) from sweetanthem.
Soy is considered a sustainable, or renewable, crop because it is fast-growing and quickly replenished. Like most legumes, soy also helps fix nitrogen in the soil, enriching the land for use in raising other crops. The fibers left over after soybeans have been processed to make oil, soy milk or tofu can be recycled into a silky fiber used in clothes and accessories. Soy silk, as it’s called, is often blended with cotton or other fibers to create a range of fabrics and yarns.

Shown above: letterpress print printed with soy-based ink from hijirik; soy/bamboo fingerless gloves from reasdesigns; hemp, organic cotton and soy top from conscious clothing.
Soy is also used to take the place of petroleum-based substances, like oil-based inks in printed artwork, or paraffin wax in candles. Soy ink is becoming more and more popular on presses. Soy candles burn cleaner and are better for your health than traditional candles. And soy products are used as a base for many natural beauty products like soaps and perfumes.

Shown above: soy and organic cotton cowl-necked top from conscious clothing; soy candle from nettiescrub; letterpressed coasters with soy ink from UncommonEnvelope.

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