The Animals of Etsy

Above print is from Berkley Illustration.

One of the very fun themes you’ll find on Etsy? Animals.

From cute and cuddly to somewhat scary and everything in between, animals are very popular.

What you’ll need to decide is if you’d like a t-shirt, art, jewelry, accessories, wall decals or something else, perhaps?

I think the theme today is bringing the zoo home – but with no need for permits, a litterbox, or veterinarian’s appointments. I hope you’ll join me as I search through Etsy for some of the best animals I can find.

I know birds have been wildly popular over the years, and with good reason too. They’re beautiful animals and they inspire us to dream great dreams and envision bright futures. Their wings, soaring, remind us to believe and to have hope for the future.


1). Revisions 2). Craft Madness 3). Joom

Squirrels. Yes, I said squirrels. I know someone must be pretty fond of them as Etsy has 130 pages of squirrels, of which I’ve shared just a few favourites below. Some might say a squirrel is just a rodent – but I’d say, as rodents go – they’re pretty cute.

1). Dillon Designs 2). Tinymeat 3). Concentric

Just because they’re slow doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty darn adorable. Not sure which animal I’m referring to? The turtle, cute – perhaps not cuddly – but reliable!

1). e.soule 2). Ching’s Tote Shop 3). Lodge

So there you have it – a sample of the animals of Etsy… Hope this inspires you to do some searching to see where your favourite animals are hiding on Etsy!