Tribal: the wild side of clothing

I am reliably informed by several fashion magazines, that ‘tribal’ is fashionable for this summer, though I’m not sure sure exactly what this means – especially as this has been a trend for the last few years, varying slightly each time. My mind is drawn towards a native American style – lots of tan leather and suede and fringes and tassels and beads. I also think of a not-very-good-but-popular BBC television programme my daughters used to love called Cave Girl. Although the plot lines were rather iffy, the costumes were cool. If my memory serves me correctly, Cavegirl ran around rocks and desert fighting rival tribes with wild untamed hair and wearing wrapped around pieces of hide and fur. To be honest, it was rather too sexy for a children’s programme (the boys were topless though, so it was ok!), but then tribal is a sexy look. There always seems to be plenty of skin on show; remember Destiny’s Child Survivor music video?

I found the above swimsuit on Etsy, by seller ElvenForestCreations and I love it! You would definitely be the coolest person on the beach wearing that.

This creation by CrudeThings looks fab on the mannequin with all those tribal accessories. In hot summer reds and yellows it is perfect for bellydancing the night away.

African inspired prints are around a lot this year too. I’m always a bit wary of wearing prints – they don’t suit my pale skin and not-so-skinny figure. However, I would give dresses like this one by VC2o a try. It is absolutely perfect for exploring exotic countries on your holidays, and I really like the hanky hem-line and muted colours.

It’s a great summer music festival look as well. It can be as costumey and dressed up as you like. I’d definitely wear this outfit by ConciousLvingThreads. A perfect tribal look and I always love an interesting back to a top.

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    I love African prints and have been inspired by them in my own work on many occasions (I make original embroidered, printed and embellished handbags). The bright, earthy colours are warming to the heart and look great on these dresses. I love the orange and turquoise combination. I have made a few handbags with African fabrics and I feel inspired to make a few more now. I have some canary yellow and coral printed cloth somewhere that needs to be used! A lovely article.

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