Win a spa retreat… for your dog


Update: #2 lvtrance is the winner!

circle_overnightcareIn honor of the recent launch of our Handmade for Pets column, Petsmart is giving one lucky Try Handmade reader a great prize. Have you heard about Petsmart’s PetsHotel? They’re a pet-friendly overnight and extended-stay alternative to traditional pet boarding, and they really go all out to make your pet feel at home and relaxed.

Do you spoil your pet? They’re happy to do that for you:

Rising to these unique requests is just part of what makes a pet’s stay at the PetSmart PetsHotel so special. Whether it’s the spoon-fed care of an affectionate associate or an associate rocking a dog named Mitzi to sleep to her parent’s lullaby over the Bone Booth telephone, these are just a few examples of care provided at the PetsHotel.

To enter to win an overnight stay, doggie daycare, and a special treat snack ($60 total value), just leave a comment on this post before midnight Pacific time, Friday, May 15. {rules} Good luck!

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  • Rainbow Crochet Toasties
  • Twirly Fabulous Upcycled Sweater Skirts
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  1. Laura Emerson says

    I thank you and so does my best friend Pru (she may have 4 legs instead of one but she is still my best friend!)

  2. dana beatty says

    Sometimes you just have to admit the boys need to stay overnight rather than call in the sitter

  3. Mary A. says

    My Bichon Frise named Lucky would love an overnight stay!!! As would his mommy!!

  4. Karen Swanson says

    My pooch would love this! And totally deserves it after a 20 hour car ride to our new home!

  5. kim v says

    I've wanted to try their hotel so this would be a great chance.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. kelly b says

    This would be a great treat for our dog.Like they say we treat them like they are human and part of the family.

  7. Lynn H says

    I really want my Lexi to stay at a Petsmart Hotel…While I shop at the one closest to my home, I notice that the dogs who stay there have a great time.

  8. Monique Bradley says

    It is always a struggle to find pet care for overnight trips. We have looked into using Patsmart before. I would feel safe having Ruffy stay at the PetsHotel.

  9. Margaret Ross says

    My old doggies are up for adventure and would love to stay in a real petsmotel.

  10. Melanie says

    My little Leilani would love this! Even though, its not exspensive, we’ve never had the extra money to let her stay there for a night, while we go visit family.

  11. bill sklar says

    My pooch would LOVE a spa-like visit to the local PetsHotel (and my wife and I wouldn’t mind a little “private” time!).

  12. juau4 says

    This sounds great! Bear rarely leaves his Momma's side, they'll treat him right here.

  13. Courtney S says

    This looks like such a fun thing for my dog, Cooper. We have to go out of town for the weekend this summer and this looks like the perfect place!

  14. Greg says

    This is really great. I have a brand new puppy who would absolutely love to be spoiled even more than she really is. I would really like to do this next time I go out of town!

  15. says

    I know one of my little 4 legged friends would LOVE a spa retreat! Too bad they don't have a spa retreat for the owner's too! LOL! Hope to win! Thanks! :)

  16. Amanda says

    Thank you so much for the contest! I have 4 doggies that I’m sure would love a little getaway, I know I would!

  17. Dan says

    I have a very spoiled very chubby welsh corgie who would lavish in this in this kind of attention. This is so much better than putting your dog into one of those kennels that just give them the basics.

  18. Jan says

    My two spoiled brat dogs would love this! I’ve had a bad experience with a kennel so I’m really apprehensive about sending my do to places. So this is a great option.

  19. Irene says

    My dog, Luke, a yellow lab, says he would love to go to the PetsHotel spa. He deserves a break from 2 little kids chasing him around all day. Thanks.

  20. Jay F. says

    Wow, I didn’t realize they had these so close to my house. Even the phone number of the closest PetsHotel is just a couple of numbers away from mine.

  21. Linda M says

    I always worry about leaving my pets somewhere when I go out of town, this place sounds so cool!

  22. Dana T says

    This would be a great opportunity for a family get away! we never do short weekend trips because of the dog (not that we regret him for a minute!)